Guided tours through the windmill and the miller’s house

PersonnageDiscover the traditional lifestyle of the eighteenth century, guided by our period characters and our interpreters that have just stepped out of the Seigniorial regime. Charles, our miller, will take you on a whirlwind tour, starting with the exterior of the windmill, built in 1708. He will draw your attention to the capstan, the windmill’s tail, and the loopholes (embrasures), immersing you in local history. The miller will then invite you to enter the windmill, and will take you to the third floor – on the way, a peek through a loophole will allow you to contemplate a glorious view of the St-Louis lake.

Vue du haut du moulinYour family will then be initiated to the process of milling wheat, starting with funnelling the grain into the wooden drum, to the final resting place of the flour on the ground floor. Throughout the visit the miller will tell you about his daily life, update you on the latest news from the seigneury, and might even let you in on some of the better-kept secrets of the Pointe-du-Moulin estate!

Autre personnage

Although he is obliged to return to his daily tasks, Charles will invite you to visit his wife, Marie-Louise, in their home. Built in 1786, the house is divided into three parts: the kitchen and the bedroom on the main floor, and an attic where grain and farming tools are stored. When you step in the door, you will be comforted by the delightful smell of bread, made by Marie-Louise in the ancestral wood stove. If you flatter her enough, she will surely suggest that you try some of her bread – and who knows, she might give you a loaf so that you’ll “say some good things about her to the people in the village.” Always up for gossip, Marie-Louise will entertain you with stories about her family, her daily life and on the newest rumours that are going ‘round the island.