Photography workshop + craftman demonstration : glassblower

To all beginners in photography and to all who have a passion for their camera lens! On the next July 16th, participate in the very first collaboration between the Club de photo de Vaudreuil-Dorion and Parc historique la Pointe-du-Moulin.

At 10:00 am, the park will host a conference as an introduction to photography to familiarize yourself with your camera. Afterwards, you’ll be invited to bring along a lunch for a picnic at the park.

The rest of the event begins at 1:00 pm. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the historic buildings and the surrounding omnipresent nature while you can benefit from experienced photographer’s advice.

Sign up at or call 514 453-5936.

A Facebook contest will follow thanks to Caisse Desjardins Vaudreuil-Soulanges. You could win a framed large-format print of your picture! The activity is free! How could you not participate?

On Sunday at 11:00 am, Mr. Collard, glassblower, will show you how craftsmen from New France worked with glass.

If you haven’t had the change to see this extravagant man in action, here’s what you missed.

DSC02268 (Large)
DSC02269 (Large)
DSC02270 (Large)
DSC02271 (Large)
DSC02272 (Large)
DSC02273 (Large)
DSC02275 (Large)
DSC02276 (Large)
DSC02283 (Large)
DSC02284 (Large)
DSC02285 (Large)
DSC02255 (Large)
DSC02256 (Large)
DSC02257 (Large)
DSC02258 (Large)
DSC02259 (Large)
DSC02260 (Large)
DSC02261 (Large)
DSC02262 (Large)
DSC02263 (Large)
DSC02264 (Large)
DSC02265 (Large)
DSC02266 (Large)
DSC02267 (Large)